Our Client Testimonials

We are honored to have hauled for all of our clients. Below is just what a few of our clients are saying about us.
Kansas City Flatbed Hauling Services
We needed a local company that could haul anything. We needed dirt and rocks, large commercial sized beams and containers. What we needed hauled was always changing. Flatbed Express thus far has been able to handle anything we have requested of them. And their people are awesome to work with.
They hauled several of our turbines for us. Were professional, courteous and on time.
Thank you for delivering our fuel tanks on time. It was critical due to everyones schedule. Everything hinged on you showing up and delivering our tanks on time. Thanks again.
When you think of a delivery company, you really only care about if they show up on time or not. Can they get the product to you on time and for a good rate. This has ALWAYS been my experience with Flatbed.

I was looking for a company to haul our custom made barn rafters. Several other companies we called would not haul rafters. Flatbed did. They where not only early, they even helped us unload it all. Great service. Will use again.

We contacted Flatbed to see if they could haul a plane for us. We were afraid of the cost. We where shocked at their pricing. Everything went according to plan without incedent.

Whoever delivered our tower crane saved us. Our operator was injured and Flatbed was able to step in and assist us. You guys are great and we will continue to use you.
I was asked to write a testimonial. ALL i can say is i have used them for over 10 years. What more is there to say.

Our company purchased several large tanks and we need a company that could haul large propane tanks in Kansas City. After lots of run around, we came across Flat bed express. Not only did they haul our propane tanks, they also where able to hook us up with another supplier of these tanks for our future purchases. Thanks flat bed. We really appreciate it.

We were looking for a hauling company that could handle moving our construction equipment from site to site. Flatbed not only helped us move the equipment, they helped operate it for us. WOW is all i can say. I really was not expecting that level of service.

My client needed over 100 tons of landscape rock for a project we were doing for them. Flatbed delivered and dumped it for us. Then we found out it was the wrong kind of rock. Flatbed helped us load it back up, return it, and assisted in getting the right rock. Absolutely Amazing...
Our company requested a quote. It was considerably cheaper than a few other companies we called. Flatbed not only beat out the others on price, their service is awesome as well. I heard they have great people, they truly do.

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Omaha, NE Location
1014 LaPlatte Rd.
Bellevue, NE 68123
Phone: (402) 291-4686
Watts: (800) 437-3413

Kansas City, MO Location
3707 Beacon Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64129
Phone: (816) 923-4703
Watts: (800) 773-1733

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